Why Gutters are Important

We all wanted to have a home that’s serene. A place of comfort, leisure and time for family and ourselves. Most of us when off from work most probably will be out of the house, on a vacation, or simply doing home activities like cleaning and maintenance. When it comes to cleaning and maintenance, we usually focus on the “insides” of the home. Laundry, cleaning the fireplace, kitchen, the rooms – it’s more than enough for spending that rest day you have after working hard for a week.

However, one of the commonly neglected parts of the house is the gutter. Sometimes, even after fall or winter,this part of the house is untouched. Some think that simply having that gutter will do the job – have it installed and leave it be. The gutter is like the plumbing system of the outer part of your home. Let’s say that your roof will just let the water and debris slide for you to sweep afterwards, but the gutter helps you out in properly disposing it. Why do gutters play an important role in someone’s house? Simple. It manages the downpour of water, debris, snow and other foreign matter that your roof will catch, depending on the surroundings too. Let’s say you have a basement that has a set of stairs leading down to it, then it rains so hard. Flooding will absolutely occur in no time. What if there’s not much rain to worry about? Leaves, twigs, branches and other stuff will also make your gutters clogged, so when it suddenly rains – instead of the water going straight down, it might create a small pool (because of the clogged debris) and gradually damage the roof. You wouldn’t want that, do you? Repairs will mean money.

The message is clear. Gutters need to be properly maintained as it greatly influences how you manage the home. A damaged part of the house is worse than having you take the time to see that the gutters are working properly. It’s not enough that you have the usual gutters installed, but your surroundings must be considered. The materials, the installation, and the brand will play an important role in the months ahead. Investing in a gutter will not end up in regret.

With the proper material, installation and a good gutter cover, your home will be up for nature’s challenge.


2 responses to “Why Gutters are Important

  1. Daniel Melnrick

    I definitely agree. Home owners tend to want to cost cut on the outside parts of their home especially the gutters because they are too focused about the interiors. They will never know how much of a mistake it is to not have gutters installed until their backyards as well as their surroundings get flooded and their roofs fully covered by debris. I would know because I was one of those people. I would also recommend gutter covers.

  2. I also had a bad experience about neglecting my gutter system. What happened after was a nightmare. My fascia boards slowly started to rot because of the moisture and my gutters suffered from the ice dams. The moisture went down to my house walls, costing me a lot. Took good care of my gutter system ever since.

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