Gutter Cleaning – The Right Tools for the Job

Gutters keep the house from getting soaked from rain and other debris. What it does it that it acts as a drainage system for roof, and keeps water from seeping through. The regular gutter system will give maximum performance, especially if it’s freshly installed. You’d even be fascinated on how the water flows through to the downspout. Gutters keep your house safe from gradual soil erosion due to the constant water flow that may pool up on the ground near the walls.

The fun stops when the gutter clean up period arrives. For others, it’s one of the household tasks that they hate to do. Having paid professionals to do it may solve the problem though, but would it be better if you’re able to do it yourself and save money? Cleaning gutters is a daunting task, but when you have the proper tools and know how to use them, it’ll be even be fun for you.

Here are the most common tools used:

Ladders: How in the earth will you be able to reach the gutters without the risk of falling? Ladders. For normal households, an articulating ladder does the job for you. An ordinary ladder will rest against the gutters, putting you and the gutters at risk for harm and damage. An extension ladder must be used when the roof is a bit higher, or it’s more then a floor high. Just use ladder attachments for better support and stability.

Trash Bag/Bucket: This saves time for you compared to going up and down the ladder just to put the debris on a specific container, or just letting it drop to the ground. It’s also recommended to keep them in a group of bags, rather than just one big bag – it’ll be heavy.

Hand Gloves: One important thing to remember in cleaning your gutters is safety. Always wear hand gloves when picking up debris. Rubber gloves are good enough, but it’ll be better if you can use the thicker work gloves. Some gutter parts may be sharp or puncture your hands.

Steel Brush/Hand Brush: Most of the time, if the gutters weren’t cleaned up for a long time, aside from leaves and other debris – a layer of mud and dirt forms up. Let the brush do its job by slightly scrubbing it and letting it go down the downspout or scoop it out.

Hand Shovel: This is also useful in scooping out more amount of debris. Any small shovel can be used, even a garden and a hand shovel. Some have made shovels specifically made for gutter cleaning, so check that out as well. Even an old kitchen spatula does the trick too.

Water Hose: This will be everyone’s favorite, especially if it’s the pressurized washer type. Use this on the gutter to flush out any debris you can’t simply pick up. You can also use this to check any leaks or any problems in your gutter, and checking any clogs on your downspout.

These are the main tools you’ll need for gutter cleaning. Make sure that you buy quality tools to ensure that you’re able to clean you gutter properly, and all by yourself.


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