Safe Gutter Cleaning

Gutter cleaning is a regular chore for homeowners. Ladders, gutter shovels, garden hose, gloves and a garbage bag or bucket are the tools that are always used. However, cleaning isn’t simple with gutters as it involves climbing up a ladder and be slightly high from the ground. Accidents from gutter cleaning claim thousands of victims every year. Broken bones, bruises and cuts are the most common. Cleaning the gutters may look as simple as taking out the gutter cover, scooping out the debris and flushing out the remainder of the dirt, but can be hazardous when not done properly.

On solid ground: Make sure to place your ladder on a solid, level ground. Don’t put it on snow, mud and oily surfaces. The first thing you must ensure in setting up your ladder is a stable placement. In climbing up or down, always face the ladder and never carry anything on one hand. As much as possible, attach things you need in utility belts.

Garbage bag/Metal bucket: If you think tying your garbage bag to your belt is silly, think again. Tie the garbage bag or bucket to your belt as you climb up. When you’ve established a stable position on the ladder, tie the garbage bag to the ladder or hang the bucket there.

The gloves: If you find picking up dried leaves, dirt and other foreign objects in your gutter as exciting without the gloves – go on. However, the risk of bacteria from fungi, and other stuff will give you a lot of problems. Some people would even have severe allergic reactions from these. Therefore, hand gloves will keep you save. Don’t just settle for rubber gloves, go for the heavier and thicker work gloves. There are parts of the gutter that may be sharp so prevent that from happening by wearing gloves.

Shoes: As much as you want to wear those fancy flip-flops or slip-ons, when it comes to gutter cleaning it’s a big NO. Wear safety or work shoes that will guarantee you a good grip. Having these prevents you from slipping from the ladder and falling down. Falling from a high place is obviously a painful feeling. Ouch.

Simple tips like these will assure you a painless and a hassle-free gutter cleaning experience. Safety comes absolutely first.


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