Repairing the Gutter Leak with a Caulking Gun

The caulk is one house tool that is extremely helpful. It’s an adhesive that can fill caps, close up gaps, and fix leaks so it’s almost a do-it-all tool. If used properly, the caulk can last for a long time and is absolutely reliable. It comes in several kinds, but if it’s for your gutter system, the best will be silicone. Caulking may look simple because of the caulking gun, but it is messy if done the wrong way. The fumes can be irritating, and when the caulk stains clothing, it is almost impossible to remove.

Just like every procedure, caulking can’t be done properly when there’s lack of the equipment required. It doesn’t matter if you’re a professional or just someone who needs a quick fix for a gap, an opening or a leak. Caulks come in squeeze tubes or cartridges, and ones that come with a caulking gun. Always buy the complete set, which is the one that comes with the caulking gun. Caulks are cheap, so it won’t hurt your pocket.

Gutter leaks need to be dealt with right away. If left unattended, water will seep in to your house ceiling and house walls, which isn’t a good sight to see. To use the caulk, cut the nozzle of the caulk cartridge. The closer it is to the gun, the bigger the hole. Cut the nozzle to the size that you want, as long as you won’t waste the caulk or it’s too small. Cut the nozzle in a 45 degree angle, and apply it in the same degree too. Here’s the tricky part: if you haven’t used a caulking gun before, practice on a piece of wood or paper. The aim is for you to consistently apply the caulk.

Before applying the caulk to the gutter leak, make sure that it’s clean and it’s dry. Use sandpaper (or a wire brush) to roughen up the edges to prepare it for the caulk application. Squeeze the caulk gun along the seam or the hole where the leak is coming from. After application, you can use your finger or a popsicle to even out the caulk. Putting tape on the other side of the leak or seam will also secure the caulk, and can be removed after it has dried.

Caulking requires practice, so don’t hesitate to experiment in scrap boards or sheets. You’ll be making gutter leak repairs yourself in no time and save money too.


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