Fascia Board Replacement

The fascia board is another important part of the house. It’s where the gutters are installed, and serves as a layer for the edge of the roof and outside. Aesthetically speaking, fascia boards also give that added touch to the roof. It also serves as a shield against weather damage that the roof and house interior can have, so it is important that it is kept in top condition. However, no matter how good your maintenance is, gradually the board will start to wear out, slowly rot and get damaged. It’s actually normal for boards to wear down, as exposure to weather elements make them vulnerable to damage. What if a part gets damaged? Do you have to consult a professional right away? You can when the damage is serious, but what if it’s just minor damage? You can surely do it yourself as long as you have the right tools.

The most common causes for damage or issues in your fascia board are: termites, wood borers, and Mother Nature herself. If you spotted any damage on one spot of your fascia board, look for more. It’ll save you money if you change a whole part rather than portions of it. The materials needed will be: ladder, fascia board, tape measure, primer, galvanized nails, paint, caulk and caulking gun (should be silicone), reciprocating saw (for old nails), hammer and a circular saw.

Measurement. It’s pretty straightforward why you need to have it accurate. If you’ll just be replacing a portion, make sure it’ll match the old installation to make it even and look like nothing happened.

Primer/Paint combo. When installing fascia boards, take note of the paint used before to match the color to make it look natural. Apply the primer, then the paint, then cut away the damaged fascia board piece. Same goes to the replacement.

Removal. Make sure your ladder placement is sturdy so you can safely pull the damaged fascia board with your hammer, and place the new piece. Secure it firmly with nails, and check the current boards if you need to put some new nails to it. Nail it against the raft. Of course, remove your gutters as well. Just be careful in doing so to prevent damage.

The Caulk. Use the caulking gun to seal off the attachment of the new piece to the remaining board, and also check if the joints needed to be resealed. The caulk can be irritating to the eyes, so wear protection too – and the face mask.

If you get used to doing this kind of repair – you might be able to do a full replacement by yourself!


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