The Gutter Elbows

When installing a gutter system for your home, one has to make sure that all the important parts are complete. There shouldn’t be anything that’s to be simply left out, as every part plays an important role. One of them is the downspout elbow. A downspout elbow is installed to (obviously) downspouts, and change the latter’s direction on a certain angle, i.e. 45 degrees. It redirects water flow that the gutters receive and takes it away as far as possible from the house.

One can’t just simply install the gutters and slap on the downspouts and let it flow straight down – it defeats the gutter’s purpose. Water going straight down to the ground where the house foundations are located is not a good scenario. Water soaking up the ground will weaken the foundation – it’ll not make your house crumble down at an instant, but it’ll slowly take damage over time. That’s not good and it’ll never be. Repair costs when it comes to major house damage isn’t an easy hurdle to jump on, especially the rise in prices today. As others would say, “prevention is better than cure.”

Aside from clogged gutters, an improper downspout placement will also mean trouble. Placing the appropriate downspout and especially a downspout elbow will keep your house puddle-free. A recommended set up is aside from the downspout elbow, another straight downspout piece is installed to divert the water farther from the house. This is really helpful in a sloped house and will absolutely keep the water away.

Gutter elbows are offered as a set or in pieces by suppliers, and it’s always best to get a gutter elbow that’s from the same brand as the downspout so you won’t have any problems in getting the exact size. It’s also good to have different directions of downspout elbows so you can change the direction of the water whenever you want. There are specific kinds of gutter elbows that are only built for the bottom of the downspout and at the top, so be familiar with that as well.


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