Do Gutter Covers Really Work?

Over the years, companies have been finding ways to keep a gutter system working well amidst the challenges of nature. Nature has this knack of being unpredictable – sudden rain, strong winds, normal up to heavy snowfall – the possibilities are endless. A house is not just to be considered as shelter, nor just a place of rest. It should be a fortress – a place that will keep you safe. So it’s imperative that every component of the house is in top condition no matter what.

A gutter system acts as a drainage system for your roof, so it collects water and redirects it to a spot where it protects the surroundings of your house from flooding and making it soaked. We all know what will happen if the gutter system isn’t well maintained: soaking up the ground surrounding the house weakens the foundation, a clogged gutter makes itself a dam (which can be a haven for insects such as mosquitoes), and having a pool of water on your gutter will make the liquid seep through your fascia then go inside the house. Repairs can be done, but expect to shell out a lot of money – house repairs ain’t cheap if the damage is severe.

Gutter covers have been used way, way back in the 1900’s. The purpose is simple – water in, debris out. The earliest form of gutter covers simply apply surface adhesion, in which the cover is a reverse curve in which the water flows towards the gutter and the debris stays out. Then one by one other designs emerged – the slits, wire mesh, brushes and even sponges. But the big question is this: do they really work?

A lot of tests have been done to test the performance of the varieties of covers that are currently sold in the market. All of them have particular flaws i.e. with a gutter brush, the debris stays on top of the latter but gradually builds up and clogs if not cleaned regularly. With the slit type covers, certain types of seeds get through the holes and eventually clog the gutter as well. Other types may keep the debris out for some time, but will gradually have other debris building up and can cause clogs and muck as well.

Actually, they all work. Depending on the surroundings of a house, a gutter type is almost perfect for it. As long as the home owner knows what kind of debris the gutter covers will be facing then it should be no problem when it comes to choosing on what type will perform well against these elements. The promise of some brands like “you’ll never clean your gutters again” is a cliché. That is impossible. A gutter cover will do whatever it takes to keep the debris out, but you must do your part as well. Regular checkups, regular cleanups, and even learning to do repairs yourself will help a lot not only in preventing problems but saving money as well.

Do gutter covers work? Yes, they do.


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