Fascia Board Cleaning

Fascia boards are small planks that are located at the edge of the roof. Together with soffits, they cover up the exposed edges of the roof and protects it from moisture and protects the house interior at the same time. The fascia board is also used as gutter attachments, to make gutters more stable. However, just like every part of the house – fascia boards are also subject to dirt and cleaning.

Fascia boards are commonly made from treated lumber, metal or vinyl. No matter what the materials are, it’s not that hard to clean them. You’ll just need materials such as:

Ladder. You won’t be able to clean fascia boards properly if you’ll do it by climbing on the roof. You’ll be cleaning “blind,” as you can’t see it that much. It’s best that you use an A-Frame ladder, so it’s more stable. If you’ll be using an extension ladder, have someone help you out by holding on to the ladder and making sure that it’s stable.

Water. The universal solvent. You can’t even make the dirt move without it. A hose is optional.

Detergent. This is helpful to loosen up the dirt, and make your fascia squeaky clean.

Soft Brush. Unless you want to ruin the paint, do not use a steel wool or a hard brush. A soft brush is good enough to get the stains off, if there are any.

Bucket. To mix the water and the detergent. You can also use a sprayer along with it so you don’t have to carry the bucket all the time. You can strap the sprayer to a utility belt so you can reach for it easily.

To clean up, mix water with the detergent. Use the sprayer as a good starter for the fascia board right before you scrub it. For those tough stains, you can mix 1/3 cup of vinger to 2/3 cup of water in a sprayer. This loosens them up and makes the stain easier to scrub off. Make sure that your ladder is secure and gently scrub the fascia board while either spraying it or dipping your soft brush in your bucket. When you think one part of the fascia is clean enough, rinse thoroughly then move on to the next one.


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