Gutter Brushes and Foams: The Verdict

We all wanted to save on a purchase as much as possible. What’s always kept in our mind is the money we can save at that moment. Our eyes glisten at things that come with a cheap price! It works every time. In terms of home maintenance, we are also mindful of things with good value. We are always on the lookout for the best deals.

In gutter guards, it’s a given fact that if one wants to have a reliable roof drainage – one has to invest on it. This involves the type of gutter guard, the installation fees (if done by a professional), the price and the maintenance costs. There has been cheaper alternatives though. A good example is the gutter brush and the gutter foam.

The gutter brush looks literally close to a bottle brush. It’s a long strip of brush bristles and specifically built to fit along the gutters. It’s designed to repel the gutter debris and only water goes through. The wind gradually blows the dried leaves and other debris off. It depends on the location though especially if heavy rains are frequent. They are cheap and very easy to install. On the other hand, due to bigger chances of debris getting stuck on the gutter brush – you must go up and clean it more than usual.

The gutter foam is also another cheap alternative for gutter guards. They’re simply foam but it’s chemically treated to resist mold and fungus. It prevents clogging as the foam fills up the space of the gutter. It’s slightly more pricey than the gutter brush but it’s still cheap. There are times however when the wet debris dries on the foam and forms a layer of muck. That is extremely hard to remove without ruining the foam so it results to replacement.

The verdict? These two types will work given the right conditions. However, if you’re just into getting cheaper purchases and not minding the other factors involved – you’re in for a big mistake. You can get better gutter guard types that will work best on any condition.


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