How Can I Find Problems in Gutters?

Let’s face it. We get too lazy checking the gutters. It is one task that we always escape from doing. It is okay at times but the possibilities of hazards are undeniable. Frequent repair or replacement becomes the most obvious outcome. Utter neglect and procrastination result to gutter issues. That is why it is never reasonable to blame nature or others.

Clean the gutters on a timely manner. Suppose that it is easier to have gutter guards but when was the last time you cleaned it? Neglect the need to maintain and expect clogged or flooded gutters during the winter or rainy season.

It is better to clean them before it’s too late.

It doesn’t matter if you own the best gutter guard in the world if you can’t provide a proper maintenance. Housekeeping experts agree that gutter covers don’t supply 100% protection against all debris that could ruin your gutter.

It remains imperative to be always on the look out for something suspicious in your roof, even if gutter guards exist already.

Assign specific periods of the year to remove the debris from the gutter that weren’t spotted by its cover. (Fall is the best time of the year!) And never, ever forget to check for issues. Make sure you know how to spot for potential problems and see if there are remedies. Replace the gutter cover ASAP if remedies will not work.

Check your roof for snows during winter. When snow is too plenty, scrape them off!  Use a rake to remove or lessen the snow. Ice dams form when there’s plenty of snow on the roof. Ice piling on any brand of gutter makes it weak due to heavy weight. Don’t trust it too much! Though the icicles look like nature’s chandeliers, the gutters are vulnerable to sagging — it might even fall! With gutters not properly functioning, expect to see water gradually making its way inside your house. When water seeps through, stain is always present. This could cause the gradual rotting of any wooden part of your house.

Water may be a lethal enemy for gutters but it is still not completely safe when it’s summer or autumn. When rain is away, the winds are still here to stay. If your gutters are uncovered, they’re in for a treat! They pile up dried leaves and clog your gutter. In the event of unexpected rain fall, the gutters can’t redirect the water flow. Improper redirection leads to small pools that could cause your structural foundation to weaken, and to crack in the long term

Holes and leaks in gutters are not difficult to find. Fading colors in your wall hints the presence of moisture. Stains on the sides and downspouts are clues too. Find areas of your home made from wood and inspect if fungi or mushrooms are growing on them. Ceiling or wooden walls are the most common places where you can find them.

Be vigilant with your house and save it from further ruins. Being too lazy to do the job is no longer an option. Either you do it, or have someone to do it for you. It is never too late to act.


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