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Gutter Bits #15 – Gutter Screens

Gutter Screens may be one of the most effective types of gutter guards but it’s also flawed. Wet leaves remain on top of the screens and gradually blocks water. Make it a habit to brush or wash the leaves off regularly especially after heavy rains.


Why Getting a Gutter Guard is a Good Choice

When it comes to home maintenance, you hear an awful lot of mixed opinions and feedback on certain products. This is common when it involves cleaning inside the house and outside chores such as gardening. What comes into mind when people talk about the gutter system? There are varied recommendations about this important component of the house and this affects the average home owner. Some of us may consider investing on things that can make our lives easier in terms of gutter maintenance; some of us might prefer staying on the safe side. However, staying within our comfort zone all the time just makes things worse.

A gutter guard may look just as a “simple cover” for your gutters, but it gets the job done. There are several people who would still think against it though. Some say cleaning gutters are harder since you have to take the guards off. People also see this as a waste of money and simply not worth it. Is it? It’s actually a good choice.

Gutter Cleaning is reduced – Having gutter guards virtually minimize cleaning of your gutters. Gutters without guards require more cleaning as there’s a bigger chance of it being clogged. On the other hand, a covered gutter lessens the cleaning. It can even trim down your cleaning to as less as twice a year!

Leaks and Seepage – Gutter guards minimizes leaks penetrating your soffit and fascia. It goes straight to the gutter instead of going inside the under the shingles.

Bugs and Critters – Gutters are a favorite breeding place for insects. No human disturbance, good amount of decaying leaves and debris, including the dampness. A perfect habitat. With the proper placement of gutter guards, the critters won’t be able to make their way inside.

A Good Investment – Gutter guards are actually a good investment, depending on the type that you’ll buy. Think about it: long term benefit compared to a short term inconvenience. Some gutter guards may be cheap but what about their reliability and the constant need of replacement? Invest on a better one instead.