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Common Gutter Problems

There’s no better feeling of being able to buy your own home or property. The fulfillment and the liberty of being able to do what you want in your house is sometimes better than having your own apartment space. Gradually, one will develop their DIY skills in trying out things i.e. making simple repairs to plumbing, general house cleaning, and electrical stuff.

Let’s say one day you decide to make that investment to a brand new gutter system. After professional installation, you just left the gutter do its job. For a few months, the gutter did its job – even the gutter cover you’ve put earlier also helped out in clearing out the extra debris from clogging it. However, it doesn’t stop there. One of the most neglected parts of the house is the gutter system. People have the misconception that gutters can be”left alone,” and require minimal cleaning. This brings about many problems and can cause damage to your house if the gutters aren’t maintained well.

Gutters simply serve as collectors of rainwater that falls on your roof and direct it away from your home, keeping your walls and foundations safe. It is imperative that regular maintenance needs to be done in order for your gutter system to function properly. The most common culprits of your gutter will be consisting of: seeds, dirt, small rocks, dust, dirt, feathers, ice, small twigs, branches or even insects. Always keep in mind that though the water may bring them down, there’s always a bigger possibility that it’ll clog your downspout, and make your gutter overflow. Overflow will mean a different direction for the water to go to, and fall near your house foundation, or seep through the fascia boards. Fascia boards are the piece of wood where the gutter is attached. When water seeps through the house foundation, the soil underneath gradually becomes soft. Even though it’ll take years for the foundation to be really affected, the effects will arise gradually, and it’s not a good thing. When wood is always exposed to moisture, it’ll gradually rot as well, and will also affect your house walls.

When winter comes, the snow on your roof will gradually fall down your roof, but because of some heating systems that are installed on the upper part of the roof, the liquid gets frozen real quick when it goes to the gutters. This will cause an ice dam, which will make the gutter bear the weight of rock solid ice. This will weaken the attachment and will cause damage to the roof, and to your pocket.

These issues, when dealt with in the right time, will never be a threat to your gutter system. Regular check-up of your gutters after heavy rain or a windy day is highly recommended. It’s best to check your gutters from time to time rather than spending a huge amount for repairs. Always check for possible clogs, leaks and have it dealt with right away. In the winter, make it a point to always scrape your roof with snow rakes to make sure that any ice dams that will form can easily be removed. When there are any issues in the attachments of the gutter, have it checked by a professional. For minimal debris build-up, it’s also best to look for quality gutter covers that will fit your budget and your needs.

Proper maintenance will always bring about positive results, and comfortable living in your home.