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The Pressure Washer

We are fond of finding out ways in doing things the easier way. No one would ignore the chance of accomplishing a certain task faster and with minimal effort. In terms of home maintenance, cleaning the gutters are one of the most difficult due to the amount of debris that needs to be removed especially if not done regularly. So, just a quick rundown of the cleaning materials for gutters – hand shovel, ladder, trash bag/bucket, hand gloves, steel brush, and the water hose. There are alternatives to almost all the materials you need for gutter cleaning, but let’s focus on one: the water hose, which can be replaced by a pressure washer.

Sometimes, we are contented on just putting a finger on the hose to let it have a little pressure. Having this pressure helps tp spray out certain stains on the ground, walls and your gutter. However, this is usually inconvenient as we can’t really maintain a steady amount of pressure on the water through our hands, and we can’t really make the water focus on a specific spot. That’s when pressure washers can solve that problem.

Pressure washers come in two varieties: gas powered, and electric. Electric pressure washers will of course need electricity, so when using it you should be near an outlet. It has less noise compared to the gas powered type. On the other hand, the gas powered pressure washer can be brought anywhere. There are an assortment of tips for the pressure washer.

Red, 0º Spray Tip – this is the most concentrated tip for the pressure washer, and commonly used for metal and concrete.
Yellow, 15º Spray Tip – for heavy duty cleaning of driveways and concrete.
Green, 25º Spray Tip – this is mostly used for general cleaning such as vehicles and sidings.
White, 40º Spray Tip – this is considered the “weakest” among the tips, which is the one recommended for your gutters and light cleaning and rinsing.

There are pressure washers designed for industrial use and for home use. For home use and for your gutter cleaning you don’t need to shell out much money for it. A simple washer with 2,000 PSI will do. PSI, or pounds per square inch, is the strength of the water that forces the dirt from the surface. Therefore, if you’ll be mainly using it for your gutter you won’t need a 3,500 PSI washer unless you want to rip your gutters apart!

Always remember to use your pressure washer carefully, and read the instructions that came along with the product. Wear safety equipment such as goggles, gloves and ear muffs. Don’t hesitate to invest on a branded pressure washer as its quality will be worth it. There may be cheaper washers but be aware of the risks it’ll involve you. There are telescopic pressure washers that wont require you to use the ladder and can reach your gutter from the ground, and you can check for any residue after. If you want to go up the roof, make sure you’re on a safe platform or you can invest in safety harnesses and safety boots to prevent accidents.