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Seamless or Sectional?

Gutters act as a drainage system which controls the flow of water that the roof receives. Its role is very important as this will keep the foundations of your home in order. Constant exposure to water will cause soil to slowly erode, and make it soft. When this happens to the foundation of your home, chances are it will weaken. Moisture also attract pests, such as ants and termites. Put them together, let them crawl into your house and you’re in for a bad day of seeing how much damage they’ve done to your walls.

If you’ve already decided on getting a gutter system, the material that you’ll use and whether you’ll be doing it yourself or be done by an installer, there are still a few things you need to decide on. Will you be getting seamless or sectional gutters?

Sectional. These can be bought 10-20ft pieces, and made from steel, vinyl and aluminum. They can be pre-painted as well. Mostly all sectional gutters can be installed by the homeowners themselves, but also dealt by professionals too. They are sold in pieces, and can be cut to any size to serves as an add-on component to an existing gutter system. They always come with corner pieces, caps and drop outlets for downspout connections. However, compared to a seamless gutter, the set-up of the sectional gutter is an invitation for leaks. This shouldn’t be a big issue as long as the gutter will be well maintained and regularly checked.

Seamless. This is the more popular choice by homeowners and installers alike. The installer makes a few measurements and makes the exact length of gutters usually at the location of the house. However, this type of gutter can only be done by a professional, not unless you’re knowledgeable of home improvement, not to mention the device used for making the seamless gutter. One big advantage of seamless gutters is that they get minimal leaks as sections only join at corners and downspouts. Be reminded that this is the “more expensive” option, but nothing’s better than saving in the long run, isn’t it?

These are the two other things you need to consider in getting your gutter system. It will depend on the time that you can give in terms of maintaining its good condition. As long as it’ll be convenient for you, either choice is good.