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Molds and Spore Invasion: Fight them off!

Maintenance of your gutter system is simple, as long as there’s regular cleaning and checks for anything wrong. Flushing debris and scooping up debris may look like it’s done, but there’s another spoiler that gradually becomes hazardous if left undealt. Molds and spores might look like harmless stains in the outside of your home, but it can be a major culprit in terms of safety.

Molds are fungi that can be found both inside and outside the house. They grow anywhere – in warm, damp and humid conditions. In the gutter system, for example, the debris and leaves that it collects gradually decay and disintegrate. Molds help to break them down and recycle these to the environment. The multiply through spores, which are spread by insects, air and water. They’re like seeds – they grow in the proper conditions. An example of a perfect home for molds is your bathroom, kitchen sink, water pipes, and gutters.

How would you know if there are molds in your house? Simple. A simple discoloration of your walls, sometimes a greenish tint, is an example of the existence of molds. Though it’ll make your house look like it’s naturally “aged” by nature, these molds must be taken seriously not only in your gutter system but in your house as well. Why? Mold exposure can be hazardous with some people, allergic reactions may occur if they are sensitive to molds and spores. It can cause congestion in breathing, asthma, cough, skin irritation and headache, just to name a few.

In your gutter system, there’s a lot of causes for mold growth. Trees and plants too close to the house blocks sunlight, which is a perfect breeding place for them to grow. Not cleaning clogged gutters right away will be a major factor, as moisture stays on the gutter along with the leaves and other debris – instant mold haven from there.

How can this be prevented? Simple. Regular gutter cleaning should be done, and regular checks for any clogs, leaks or any damaged parts. As molds can also grow on pipes, downspouts need to be checked as well. When cleaning gutters, always have a scrub brush to scrape off any mold that’s starting to grow. A liquid bleach is extremely helpful in mold removal too. Just make sure to wear a face mask to prevent inhalation of molds and spores. If the gutter is painted, a sealant should be applied too to prevent any accumulation of mold. A good gutter cover can also help in preventing these, but check them as well. Consider having your house painted too with mildew-resistant paint.

Having these done will keep not only your gutter system safe, but also the other parts of your house.