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Gutter Bits #17 – Bucket Modification

Instead of having to worry on how to carry the bucket while cleaning, you can make simple modifications to your debris collector. This only works for the ones with metal handles. Cut the handle at the middle, then bend the split parts in such a way that it looks like a hook. You can hang it on your gutters or at the ladder.


Gutter Bits #16 – Debris Management

Before going up the ladders for gutter cleaning, place a waste bag or a tarpaulin below the area that you’ll be working on. This makes cleanup easier and a time saver.

Gutter Bits #15 – Gutter Screens

Gutter Screens may be one of the most effective types of gutter guards but it’s also flawed. Wet leaves remain on top of the screens and gradually blocks water. Make it a habit to brush or wash the leaves off regularly especially after heavy rains.

Gutter Bits #14 – Putty Knife

The putty knife is a good tool for scooping up debris. It can be an alternative to the hand shovel though you must use your hand to prevent debris from falling. In scraping up tough dirt, use it carefully to prevent any damage and support the gutters from under to prevent strain to the screws or hangers.

Gutter Bits #13 – Too Good to be True

There are always new products that are introduced for gutter and roof cleaning regularly. Some of them may sound promising but when it sounds like it’s too good to be true — you better think twice. Everything can’t be done always the easy  way. Do research before making the purchase.

Gutter Bits #11 – Quick Fix for the Slopes

Need a quick fix for drawing water away from your house? Raise the soil level at your foundation so water slopes away, not towards the house.

Gutter Bits #9 – Spikes vs Screws

If having a hard time cleaning gutters that are installed by spikes and ferrules, replacing them with screws and hangers makes everything easier.