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Gutter Cleaning Music

How was your holidays? Start the new year on a lighter note and a positive vibe! Gutter cleaning isn’t boring and tiring at all. Watch this short video.


The iRobot Looj

Ever heard of the iRobot Looj? Have you tried using this for gutter cleaning? Have a look at the video and let us know what you think of the product. Is it worth the money or a waste of time?

Sagging Gutters (video)

Sagging aluminum gutters worrying you? Check this video out which shows how to fix that problem.

How Fascia Boards Get Damaged (video)

Here’s a very good video on how fascia boards get damaged and rot. This also shows how to spot incoming damage to the fascia boards, and the whiteboard drawings explain things better. Enjoy!

Roof Moss: How Copper Can Help Against It (video)

Moss in your roof can also contribute to the debris that your gutters will collect. It might look just like small bits, but when it accumulates over time, it will be a problem. However, copper can also help out in minimizing moss growth.

Using a Rivet Gun (video)

Rivets are used commonly in home improvement work. Rivets are used to join pieces of i.e. metal sheets together and usually used in gutter installation. This video shows how it works and see why this is an important tool to have in your home.

Gutter Cover Installation in a Snap (video)

Gutter cover installation may look complicated, but as long as you know the proper tools for the job, it won’t be of any burden. Here’s a quick video on gutter cover installation.